10 best programs for storing passwords

To create and remember passwords for services, game accounts and social networks need to have a superior memory or simply use the program to store passwords. These managers will first be asked to create a complex password for your websites, and then store them in local or cloud storage. We have collected 10 such apps which will help protect accounts from hacking and to make the life of a computer user a little easier.

Before starting you should pay attention to methods of storing data in password managers. As stated above, information is either remotely on the cloud service or locally on the user’s computer. Each method has pros and cons. Here we have to decide what is more important: convenience or maximum data protection.

Cloud storage and sync is convenient because the services of passwords available on all devices where they are needed. But, if the cloud is hacked, the passwords may fall to the attackers.

Local storage is more reliable (unless you did not steal the computer or laptop), but is less convenient. Let’s say you’ve created and password Facebook Manager passwords and saved information on your PC. But if you go to Facebook with a smartphone, then the new password will not automatically catch up and it will have to be entered manually. Well, if talking about one service. But if we’re talking about dozens of accounts on different sites, then such a scheme becomes too uncomfortable.


App KeePass has an outdated appearance, it is open source and portable version, which can be easily loaded from a flash drive on any computer. Because KeePass has no built-in synchronization, the same personal cloud or other media stored database of passwords.

For maximum protection, it is recommended to save on personal cloud portable version of KeePass and the database. In this case, to take advantage of the program will work without problems on any computer. KeePass is available for free on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Sticky Password

App Sticky Password created by the developers of AVG antivirus. In addition to the standard feature set, the service is able to work with databases other password managers and conducts Wi-Fi sync. The program is available for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


The program OneSafe received advanced functionality. Skills in addition to the classic passwords, the application blocks access to hackers to the files or folder on your PC and also back up the database of passwords on flash drives, CDs, portable HDDs and other media.

In addition, OneSafe has a function of Decoy Safe. Thanks to her, the service creates a false user account to hackers hacked them, and not original. The program is available for free on Android, Mac and Windows. The iOS app is paid.


1Password popular password Manager. The service works without the Internet and can sync your data via iCloud and Dropbox, wifi or network folder on your computer. 1Password allows you to share access or passwords with friends or loved ones through the addition of the latest in trusted contacts.

Available extensions for Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. The program is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. For mobile apps you will have to pay, but there is a trial for 30 days.


When you first start Dashlane the program checks the passwords already created and if it finds a weak combination offers to change, to generate and save a new and strong password. Dashlane alerts the owner if hackers crack one of your user accounts and immediately offered to lock it and change the data.

In addition to encryption, Dashlane can store receipts and bills with online shopping, banking details, card numbers, account and other personal information. The program is available for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


App LastPass has an extension to store passwords in the browser. The users of Android and iOS native apps. LastPass is also an opportunity to put one superpool, and all information is stored locally.

The program automatically fills the login and password on any added website, permit to share passwords with family members or friends. The user decides whether to give them the password itself or just to open temporary access to the service for a short time. The program works for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


Service Splikity similar to other password managers and not allocated to particular functions. There is automatic synchronization of data, extensions for popular browsers and applications on mobile phones. But Splikity is in the list of the 10 best apps for password storage for simple, stylish and extremely user-friendly interface. This service is a great choice for those who are just starting out with password managers. The program is available for free on Android, iOS and Web.


Password Manager Enpass received a configurable password generator with shape coding and length of characters. Available dialog is to add passwords for Google Chrome. This is useful when you need to create a lot of complicated passwords for a dozen other sites, social networks or services.

Database Enpass is stored in two places: in your personal user cloud encrypted (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and so on) and locally on your computer or smartphone user. The program is available for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


The program RoboForm acts as a password Manager and protector of the system from phishing attacks. The service remembers or recognizes the right or is labeled with references, and at the right time warns the user about the threat. The program is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. There is a subscription that applies to sync with the computer. Work with the rest of the platforms free.


SafeInCloud equipped with a generator of passwords and autocomplete fields when you access any website. The program works with Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, synchronized data between their own applications Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It is possible to use personal clouds in the face of Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex. Drive and OneDrive. The program is available for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

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