15 Google Chrome extensions for safe surfing in a Network

In the online store of Google Chrome browser available to tens of thousands of extensions. In this article, we give attention to applications for private and safe surfing online. It contains useful services to intercept and delete the advertising junk and viruses, VPN software, applications to protect electronic mail and other useful extensions.

If you use something that we have not mentioned in this article, feel free to write the name of the program in the comments. If you gather a sufficient number of other useful apps for Google Chrome, we will do another similar material.


Extension Ghostery does not allow sites to track the scripts and cookies. The program gives the user a detailed report of blocked tracking and action pages. Therefore, if desired, there may be something to include and which to leave closed. The extension also received function Enhanced Anti Ghostery Tracking. When you press the special button, the user is maximally depersonalized, and the user receives even greater protection of privacy.

Disconnect Private Browsing

Like Ghostery, extension Disconnect Private Browsing is intended to enhance user privacy. It is able to block web sites and traditional data collection about the user in social networks and other services (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). In addition, the program protects your PC from malicious apps and advertising garbage, and the function of Secure Wi-Fi is designed to protect the home network of the user.

Privacy Badger

Service Privacy Badger similar in function to Disconnect Private Browsing. The extension automatically protects your browser from adware and other trackers that loading a web page. Then there is the detailed setting for knowledgeable users. If knowledge in this area is only basic, it is better to leave standard protection that adequately works with most popular resources.


Extension ScriptSafe is meant to stop scripts on the downloaded web page. App blocks Flash, Java, JavaScript, and other well-known languages to create interactive web pages. However this program is designed not for dummies, so if you don’t understand what is written above, better do not install or run this extension. Not configured ScriptSafe able to change the layout of web pages and make them crazy.

AdBlock Plus

About the extension AdBlock Plus did not hear only deaf. And yet, not all users have this useful software in the browser. The service blocks debris on the web pages, banners, tracking scripts, and not very Intrusive ads, pop-UPS and warns if the site to which the user is about to navigate potentially dangerous. There is a spam block in the popular services by type Facebook, YouTube, VK and other.

If desired, AdBlock Plus is configured with a user that is allowed to create your own lists with black and white sites. In addition, on each page there is a choice of which script to block and what to leave.

uBlock Origin

Extension uBlock Origin similar in functionality to AdBlock Plus, but is designed for advanced users. In uBlock Origin the user himself adjusts the lock of each page and not rely on automation and basic protection. If you understand and grasp too lazy, to put this program not worth it. If the knowledge all is well, uBlock Origin a great choice.

Dr. Web online antivirus

Dr. Web online antivirus the same name, and extension service Dr. Web. Able to scan links and web pages on advertising junk, viruses, scripts, malware and other infection. For those who don’t want to take the risk in expanding the available pre-inspection of the site on baldness, even before the user is logged in.

Avast Online Security

Extension Avast Online Security protects the computer from going to infected sites or web pages with a bad reputation that automatically corrects errors in URLS blocks phishing and other attacks.

ZenMate VPN

VPN extension ZenMate VPN got a friendly interface, is able to encrypt traffic easily bypasses the lock and runs the sites so fast as if nothing does not exist.


VPN extension Hideman equipped with a 256-bit encryption. The program is easy to cope with its main task of privacy web surfing but also knows how other things. For example, Hideman blocks obscene content or adult sites. To more quickly launch blocked web page, you can choose different VPN servers, from those that are closer to the user.


Popular VPN service TunnelBear ably copes with two problems: bypasses the lock and quickly launch sites and protects user’s data from theft and leakage, for example, if the one connected to the Wi-Fi on a public network.

Secure Mail for Gmail

If your emails contain important information that extension Secure Mail for Gmail will help to protect them from hacking and encrypt with password. After installing the software and password to read the letter can only the sender and the recipient. To open the electronic message, the latter will have to enter the code that he was told by the sender. Without it no one will ever read your e-mails.


Extension Mailvelope similar in functionality to the above Secure Mail for Gmail. The program provides a strong OpenPGP encryption for e-mail well-known services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Posteo, Outlook, and others. A letter sent here is also password protected, but the recipient can read it even without him. However, in encrypted form, they look like the ravings of a madman. So, if you see or even steal the attacker, nothing to do with the received information can not. Corrects the situation entered a security code which only knows the sender.

Web of Trust

Extension Web of Trust is a useful list of websites with lots of advertising, the presence of fraud, phishing attacks and other negative actions with browsers. The rating is based on user feedback. Therefore, if the user wants to go to one of the web pages in the list, Web of Trust will highlight it in red and will warn you of possible danger.

HTTPS Everywhere

The name of the extension HTTPS Everywhere speaks for itself. When installed in Google Chrome, the program switches obsolete and dangerous the HTTP Protocol on a fresh, encrypted and secure HTTPS. As they say, all genius is simple, and this phrase is perfect for service HTTPS Everywhere.

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