15 useful apps for travel

In the height of summer it’s time to think about holidays or vacation. But to spend this time without nerves and headaches have a lot to consider: to calculate and to choose the route, book tickets, stay in a hotel, find a place of rest and to do a lot more things. To simplify the lives of our readers, we have compiled a list of 15 useful apps for travel. These programs will be extremely helpful and allow you to be prepared for any eventuality.


App Couchsurfing helps travelers find lodging almost anywhere in the world. In the program you want to find the right region and city, then choose your favorite, and most importantly free, housing from the available options. Such houses and apartments provide good people that are willing to host budget travelers. Or those who also take a vacation and he wants it empty housing brought someone advantage.


The service Momondo will help to book and buy tickets, select and pay for a hotel or rent a car. Application received stylish and compact menus and a large database of airlines, hotels and rental services.


Aviasales is another popular and convenient service for booking tickets and hotels around the world. The app has a minimal and stylish interface and allows you to climb into the sky in just a few minutes.


Hostelworld is perfect for budget travelers who travel using the services of the hostels. The service allows you to book a cheap place to sleep and has a huge database of 35 000 hostels worldwide. For tourists with money here, too, there is something to see.


The most popular and largest service for booking hotels. The Booking quickly and without any problems find and book a hotel for all budgets, has a proven and clean reputation. For regular users there is the best points system and bonuses.


Airbnb is perfect for those who travel prefer apartments or houses the same hotels. The largest database of private housing, has a great menu and a simple, yet powerful navigation.

Sygic Travel

Program Sygic Travel will help to plan the vacation and to spend it wisely. Here is the weather forecast, the calculation of the path, a ton of useful information for travelers, the base of the popular tourist destinations and integrated map of the attractions, which works even in offline mode. With Sygic Travel any journey will seem like a fairy tale.


izi.TRAVEL — audio guide is a convenient and useful guide. User has access to hundreds of interesting audio tour that you can download before you travel. This allows you to not spend money on expensive Internet roaming or not to run in search of free Wi-Fi. Each tour is equipped with many pictures and detailed map of the route. If you go on vacation not just to drink, izi.TRAVEL a great assistant in a useful and healthy holidays.


The application Redigo is a powerful guide and a guide for most countries of the world. The program received a huge database with sightseeing, entertainment, bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and other useful things for travelers. In Here there is a detailed Hiking maps with high-quality photos and navigation. Need cards allow you to load up to travel and to work with them even in offline mode. No less important feature is handy PhraseBook in six common languages.


TripAdvisor — the largest and most popular database of reviews for restaurants, hotels, airlines, different types of accommodation and tourist services. According to representatives of TripAdvisor, in their application there are opinions about 7 millions of useful points of interest for travelers from around the world. The program has a convenient menu for each restaurant or hotel has its own card with lots of pictures, live reviews, latest prices and other useful information. TripAdvisor is seamlessly integrated with Google maps and other similar systems, so no problems brings the user to the selected place.


International car rental service. Working in 105 countries, has a fleet of several tens of thousands of cars and has an excellent reputation, insurance, and other useful features for those who take a car.


Rentalcars is another popular and convenient service for rental cars. Unlike competitor higher, is represented in 160 countries, has a smaller, but more diverse fleet of vehicles. This allows you to rent a car to tourists with different budgets.


BlaBlaCar — an indispensable service for travellers without a driver’s license or those who goes somewhere alone and not averse to earn extra money or just to find fun company. The app finds people (if the user is the driver) and a driver with a car (if you are a budget traveler). The program is convenient and easy, works in many countries of the world and equipped with an internal rating of user reviews and other useful tools.


HERE WeGo is a powerful and easy navigation for pedestrians and drivers. There is a detailed road routes, adequate travel guide, information about traffic jams and even guide to public transport. Savings abroad, download database need of the country at home, to travel HERE to use the WeGo in offline mode.


What a journey without a bag or backpack? And which pack things without PackPoint? The app helps keep the nerve cells, not to quarrel with his wife before the trip, just to pack for a trip. The service calculates the optimal PackPoint closet and necessary things depending on time, place, number of people and duration of the trip. All these data the user can type in the program and she gives him a list of the most necessary things specifically for his situation. A must-have for any tourist or people who often travel for work.

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