3 Fun Learning Children’s Games for iPad

Children’s education presented in a fun and playful way is the most popular now. Modern kids don’t like to do homeworks if they find tasks boring and dull. What to say about toddlers and representatives of the preschool age?

With so many TV shows and other entertaining programs it’s difficult to make your child learn new things. It’s great if parents have time and desire to educate their preschoolers. What to do if you have to work all day long? How to help your little ones become intelligent and smart?

This problem can be easily solved if you have an iPad. There are a lot of fun learning children’s games for this device. Let’s take a look at some of the apps.


1. Math Bingo has been ranked one of the best education applications. It is sold for $0.99 on iTunes. It lets preschoolers practice and improve their math skills in the most addictive way ever.

Many users find it terrific. Once you provide a correct answer to the math problem, you get a BINGO Bug on the screen. Get a pattern of 5 bugs in a row and win the game.

Math Bingo offers four game categories: Multiplication, Addition, Division and Subtraction. Your little ones can choose one of the three levels of difficulty. They can start with easy, and proceed to medium and hard as they master math.


2. Toca Doctor HD is a collection of mini-game and puzzles for children. You can purchase it for $1.99 to let your child play as a doctor.

It should be fun to examine a patient, even if this is virtual examination only. Kids can enjoy games that take place in the human body. Don’t worry if they cannot complete one of the games. They won’t get stuck, as other games will still work.

Toca Doctor HD for iPad is designed for kids age 3 and above. This game is child-friendly. It has nice artwork, fun sounds and animations.


3. Dora’s Rhyming Word Adventure HD is a $3.99 children’s game. It’s focused on toddler’s literacy skills.

The goal of this fun app is to match rhyming words. It’s an interesting educational program that introduces kids to phonemes and words. Once children learn to distinguish and manipulate phonemes, they will develop their reading skills.

How to play it? Listen to Dora and Boots. They will want you to do particular things by telling you riddles. For example, they will ask you to “pay their toll” when they want to go over the bridge. You need to match rhyming pairs in order to collect tokens, give your tokens to Troll and get past the bridge.

Dora’s Rhyming Word Adventure always guides your little ones by giving supportive directions and using fun sound effects. It’s an entertaining app that builds important early reading skills in your child.

There are four levels of game play and many ways to match the words such as same inside or ending sound, rhyme and same initial sound.

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