How to securely remove data from iPhone: review iMyFone Umate Pro

No one will argue with the fact that the iPhone used by millions of people. Apple has achieved incredible success, and a lot of people buy used devices on the secondary market. What many sellers don’t think about is that their old devices contain a lot of personal information, which, ideally, should not fall into the wrong hands.

Why need an app iMyFone Umate Pro

In order to fully clean your iPhone and to ensure their privacy, many of which are built-in tools provided by Apple, but very often proprietary applications until the end of their function not performed, and a lot of information still remain hidden in the database. That is, these files are not only up to the end is not erased but can be recovered!

So, if you want to store your personal information and to avoid its leakage, it is better to use special programs which is able to completely clean the phone. Among such tools, it is possible to allocate iMyFone Umate Pro.

The main advantage of the utility iMyFone Umate Pro is that its creators fully guarantee that the information will be securely erased and cannot be restored. You can download the program for Windows or Mac, and it is fully compatible with iOS 11.3, and the latest iPhone X. we’ll Talk more about the functions of the application.

How it works

Click Free Up Space: This feature will be useful for those users who can’t get enough of internal memory. The app tells how much memory is available, and, after clicking on Quick Scan will show everything you can remove.

Erase all (Erase All Data): Perfect for those who want to sell a smartphone, but is afraid that some personal information will still be available. Click Erase, and no one can recover deleted data.

Erase Deleted Files (Erase deleted files): Here, the good news is that you can select what should be deleted, like the Safari browser, call history, SMS, contacts and photos. It even supports third-party applications like WhatsApp and WeChat. If you choose to define the levels Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. The third level is the three-step deletion procedure by the standards of the Ministry of defense.

Erase Private Data: Here you will reveal important data that can be erased.

The results

So what is my verdict? iMyFone Umate Pro is a simple and intuitive program which is perfect and without fuss doing its job. Even if you are not good with computers, you without problems will cope with everything, since all functions are divided into simple steps. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

So we hasten to please – does not require any deep knowledge in order to quickly clean your smartphone. The interface is neat and intuitive, allowing you to call iMyFone Umate Pro an essential purchase for everyone who cares about their safety.

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