TouchBistro Dining App For iPad, Brings Restaurant Experience

So much for personal usage, the iPad is now taking into businesses like restaurants, and is serving delectable experience with TouchBistro Dining App.

The iPad is a very popular device that sometimes what it can do is no longer surprising, but because of the thoughtful developers that never cease on creating apps for the famous iTablet, it never loses its magic. Entrepreneur Alex Barrotti from Toronto had come up with a brilliant app that surely is very helpful not only to restaurant owners, but also to the customers.

TouchBistro is one brilliant dining app for iPad. It materializes the possibility of presenting crisp photos of the available menu, and sending the order to the kitchen chef without living the valued customers. The waiter can stay with the customer to a little chit-chat or additional customer service. There’s one thing that probably of ton of restaurant diners will love; the option to split the bill with your companion with just a swipe of a finger. This saves you from the embarrassment of actually asking the waiter to split the bill for you and friend.

TouchBistro dining app was launched in June and it currently has 35 users in Toronto, and has got 5,000 downloads around the world. The acceptance and the growing popularity of the app may not be surprising if you know Mr. Barrotti. The man has been in the app development world and has sold $45-million for INEX (an online based storefront generator) in 2009.

Some restaurant owners are still very conservative with the idea of incorporating the iTablet in the business. Letting a waiter hold the precious Apple tablet on his hands while interacting with the customers, is not really a nice thought. On the other hand, restaurants that tried using the iTablet with their favourite dining iPad app found out that using the device actually reduces labor cost.

“We’re much less expensive than traditional systems. For instance, we just got back from Texas, and there was a restaurant where eight stations were costing $50,000. For us, eight stations would cost $5,000,” Barrotti said.

He also added that using TouchBistro dining app on the iPad achieves three purposes: convenience for the customers, easy load for the workers, and fast business for the business owners. Using the Apple tablet is also found to attract customers. That’s not really surprising since seeing how your food looks like before you nibble on it adds additional appeal and appetite. There will also be no long wait for the order since it can be sent to the kitchen with just a swipe of a finger.

dining app for the iPad

People are always on the go and using something that can save a little of their time while waiting for their meal, is one thing that the iTablet will bring with TouchBistro dining app and other similar iPad apps.

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